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Coastal Dinner Series

Come join us as we team up with amazing Bay Area Chefs in our Foraging Dinner Series. Each Chef will choose the "main catch" to build the diner around. At the height of each season, we will go out as a group to forage and catch our dinner. Along the way we will explore and learn just how edible the California coast is and how to safely enjoy it.  Each dinner will be split into a day of foraging followed by the dinner on the next day.  




Dennis Lee of Namu Gaji


Tu David Phu of Bravo Top Chef


Rupert/Carrie Blease of Lord Stanley


Coastal 1 Day Adventures

Come spend a day on the beautiful Sonoma Coast learning about this amazing and unique grocery store we have in our backyard. As we explore the coastline, you will be awed by the rugged beauty while learning how to responsibly identify, harvest and prepare a range of coastal plants and animals. We will then tuck into a lunch made up of seasonal local favorites including some of the treasures that we have found along the way. 

We offer the following options


Regularly scheduled trips


Private trips for individuals or groups


Kids tide pool and exploration trips


corporate and team building trips

Past dinners & Adventures

micheln all-star dinner

* Lord Stanley * Aster * Californios *

june 18th

Become a professional sea forager for a day! Our task is to harvest fresh seaweed for the Michelin "All-Star" dinner. The chefs from Lord Stanley, Aster and Californios are expecting us to provide them with the freshest most interesting seaweed we can find for this very special and unique dinner. No Pressure, it's just the Michelin Guide and 3 of San Francisco's best chefs. You just happen to be responsible for the main ingredients!!!

Ocean Side Foraging Class & Lunch

April 22nd 

Join me as I teach the art of ocean side foraging. We will harvest from the land and the sea and then prepare an unforgettable lunch with our "catch". This is an all day excursion that includes lunch and plenty of delicious ocean treats to bring home with you. 

$125 per person

We will cover the following topics

Ocean Safety

Seaweed identification & harvesting

Ocean side plant identification & harvesting

Sustainable harvesting techniques

The preparation and use of the seaweed and plants we harvest


After spending the morning exploring the coastline and foraging, we will settle into a feast of local specialties.  Our big appetites from a busy morning will be satisfied by a range of meat, cheese, oysters, wine and of course all of the goodies we find along the way. It will be an unforgettable and a soul satisfying meal. 

Dungeness Crab dinner

Lord Stanly,  Mister Jiu's & Commonwealth 

Crab is the jewel of the Bay Area winter food scene. In this adventure we go out crabbing on Tomales Bay with three luminary SF Chefs! With crab pots set, we will explore the bay by kayak looking for other gems to fill our foraging baskets. As we paddle through natures grocery store, Kevin will teach responsible and safe foraging along the coast and the chefs will talk about the ingredients we find as they create the dinner menu on the fly. 

Foraging on Sunday February 18th

Dinner on Monday February 19th